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Where: Management Office Conference Room
Board Meeting- April 20, 2021 at 5:30 pm
Contractor Insurance Requirements
The Board of Directors recently updated the insurance requirements for unit owners' contractors. Please make sure you review them to make sure your projects always go smooth.
Vendor List
Please check out the list of vendors that currently meet the updated insurance requirements for 1750 St. Charles Condos. We will continue to update this list as additional vendors provide the required documents.
Toilet Recall 
The office has been notified of a toilet recall for the Flushmate III 503 Series Flushing units manufactured between October 1997 and June 2009 which may be currently installed in your unit.  We encourage you to visit the website or contact the phone number provided below to determine if you are affected by the recall.
Flushmate's number: 1 (800) 303-5123
Flushmate's website:   https://www.flushmate.com/recall/

Board Meeting Attendance
If you would like to attend a Board Meeting, make your request to the management office or Board of Directors in writing at least 24 hours in advance. If you would like to speak at a Board Meeting, a written request must be made at least 72 hours in advance stating the reasons for attendance and the subject to be discussed.
 Automatic Dues Payment
Did you know that we can automatically draft your monthly assessment from your bank account at no extra charge?  It's one less check to write each month!  You can find the ACH form under "Documents" in the Members' Area and send it to the management office with a voided check.  You can start at any time!
Doing Work In Your Unit
Please remember to notify the office if you are having any maintenance, remodeling, or renovations done in your unit.  All vendors working in the building are required to provide adequate proof of insurance prior to commencement of work.  See the condominium documents or contact the office for more details.

Board Meeting Minutes
Reminder: Official minutes of the 1750 St. Charles Board Meetings are available on this website under the "Financials & Minutes" link and to Owners upon request in the main office.

Locked Units
Please remember that the building staff can not open any unit for a unit owner, tenant, or visitor. This is to protect your privacy and possessions.  Thanks for your understanding!

Acceptance/Holding of Items
Please remember that we are unable to accept cash, keys, jewelry or any other valuable items.  Thanks for your understanding!
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